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My Space Videos

How do you get people to visit your space? You entertain them. What better way is there to entertain someone than by l;etting them watch cool and funny movies. The movies you will find here are some of the funniest videos online. Check out the movies below.
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To add a background picture to your myspace wallpaper copy and paste the codes into the 'about me' section of your profile.

Click On These Videos to View Them

An Asian commercial for TOTO Toilets (seats?). Asian marketing absolutely blows my mind. I am speechless
Very well made 3D animation about a piece of gum. Real gangster gum
A piss take of the crazy frog.
One crazy car crash, must-see! 
Savage, that dude would surely be dead if it's real. 
Awesome video compilation about the US army
Funny commercial where a cute girl licks the drop of beer on a guy's chest.
Owned! Funny commercial
Check out this very well made animation, its just too weird to describe.
Very cool Iraqi war compilation.
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